Let Us All Go Camping This Weekend

Tired of doing the same old same old things every weekend? Tired of just going backwards and forwards backwards and forwards to the same old same old mall every weekend? Tired of seeing the same old same old faces every single last boring weekend of your life? It is enough to make you want to cry or die. Dying of boredom. Is that not what they always say? Well, sorry. Sorry for breathing. And that is pretty tough to do these days if you are forced to wear a facemask every single day.

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Having to pack on a facemask. Every single day. Every single time you have to head off out of doors. Speaking of which. Ah yes. Why don’t you do that for a change? It is something so very different. And just think about it. Out there, you would probably not need to wear a facemask. Because there should not be anyone about for miles and miles. Yes, sir. We are talking about going camping this weekend. Why don’t you do that for a change?

Oh but wait. Many of you reading this right now have never been camping in your entire lives. Or maybe that is why you are here as of now. You are spotting it out, and you are heading off in the direction for camping gear near me. But please, folks. Please keep your facemasks on. That is just in case. And, as of today at least, if you’re not vaccinated you’ll probably need that when you walk into a store like Beaver Sports. Any store, for that matter. We are all wearing our facemasks.

And even though you have already been vaccinated, you may want to wear one anyways. Once, twice, ideally twice. You are not out of the woods yet. But maybe this weekend, you will be. In the woods.